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  • The 12 minute narrative film will be screened outdoors of the Cider Gallery of Fine Arts, 810 Pennsylvania St., on October 3 at 7pm, 7:30pm and 8pm.
    (Masks are required, capacity is limited for each screening and social distancing viewing circles will be designated).

  • Experimental video projections will screen outdoors to accompany the narrative film.

  • One key memory will be imagery inspired by La Yarda, a housing complex built for Mexican railroad workers from 1920s-51 and the flood that caused its demise.

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This short film tells the story of two strangers who meet at the beloved East Lawrence, Kansas neighborhood landmark, The Wishing Bench.

The story begins when an out of towner mistakes the bench for a bus stop.

The bus never comes but their conversation takes them on a journey they'll never forget...

Or will they? 

The premise of the film is inspired by a nursing home in Düsseldorf, Germany that created a faux bus stop to help prevent dementia sufferers from wandering off. The simple placement of a bench provided a comforting destination for those that were driven to find a place to go.

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East Lawrence's Wishing Bench is an enigmatic landmark of mysterious origins which has been informally adopted by the neighborhood. Objects are added to - and taken away from - its edifice, marking the passage of time.

Facing a corner of residential housing, art studios, and development, those who sit on the bench seem to stop time and reflect on both the roads they've taken and the paths that lie ahead. 

The transformative nature of the bench evokes comparisons to the states of minds of the film's central characters in this project.

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  • East Lawrence artist Catherine C. Reed contributed to the aesthetic look of the Wishing Bench for the film shoot.

  • Neighborhood tales shared in story circles and by research scholars informed the writing of the screenplay. A public staged reading was held prior to filming for feedback.



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Funded by a Rebuilding East Ninth grant, made possible by Artplace America in partnership with the Lawrence Arts Center and the City of Lawrence, KS.


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